Soul Cal

Soul Cal is a lifestyle fashion brand that has something for every laid back male or female with California in their Soul.

Think sun, sea, and surfer chicks and dudes, and you have Soul Cal. Inspired by the carefree and relaxed Californian way of life, the casual wear and lifestyle clothing brand has something for every laid back male or female.

Representing ‘the soul of California’, Soul Cal produces innovative designs reflecting Californian culture, with retro prints, shadow prints, and washed out colours, reminiscent of 70’s album covers and posters.

The surfer-inspired designs also offer a touch of luxury enabling every customer to look stylish, yet casual, on days out on the beach.

The wide range of garments includes boardshorts, hoodies, jeans, knitwear, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, shirts, jackets, and accessories.



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